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People have many reasons for wanting to go solar. Some want to reduce their power bills and lock in a new lower bill. Others, simply want to leave a legacy and reduce their carbon footprint. No matter your reason, powering your home with solar is the best decision you can make not only for your wallet but for your future.

Solar Made Simple.

It may seem too good to be true, but it isn’t! Palmetto Direct is bringing solar power to your home and saving you thousands. Electricity rates are increasing every year while the cost of going solar has never been lower. Switch your home over now and save with an Palmetto Direct Solar system.

It's simple. Go solar with zero out-of-pocket cost, and take back your power.

Solar System Installer Company | Charlotte | NC | EMPWRSolar

There’s no doubt that our past ways of generating power are not only expensive, but destructive to our environment. Since 2003 utility costs have nearly doubled across the nation. The cost of doing nothing could be one of the biggest decisions a homeowner makes for their future. Harnessing the power of the sun allows you to produce clean energy for decades at costs lower than traditional means, and now you’ll have the ability to control what your family pays for power for years to come.

Solar System Installer Company | Charlotte | NC | EMPWRSolar

We believe in solar and instead of sales, our focus is on education. We know our best customers are well-informed customers. Our mission, as a solar system installer company, has always been to provide our customers with the most complete solar experience in the industry. That experience doesn’t stop at the sale. Palmetto Direct has built its reputation around unparalleled customer service using the highest quality products backed by Palmetto Directs industry-leading 25yr bumper to bumper warranty, and partnering with the Building Performance Institute and BioLite.

Together we're on a mission to bring energy everywhere.


Energy sits at the center of our lives, keeping us safe, productive, and comfortable. Energy improves health, combats climate change enables communication and education, generates income, and empowers all people.

Creating access for a growing world population has become one of the biggest opportunities of our time.  Nearly half the planet lacks clean, affordable household energy, cooking meals on smoky open fires, and having little or no electricity in their homes.

Together with BioLite, Palmetto Direct Solar is providing less fortunate families around the globe with products designed to cook, charge, and light off-grid homes.



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