Do you qualify for solar?

Qualifying for solar energy is quick and easy. We’ll walk you through a few questions to determine if you qualify to have a solar system on your home. In most cases, you’ll be qualified and on your way to experiencing all that solar has to offer.

We’re excited you’ve chosen to take the first step toward a future powered by clean solar energy. There are just a few things we need to do to get you on your way. In order to determine which solar system is right for you, we’ll need to walk through a few steps.

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In order to qualify for a solar system install you must OWN or are BUYING your home. Renters do not currently qualify.
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Who is your current electric provider?
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Credit Score Acknowledgement
*While the installation of your Sigora Solar system is provided at no out of pocket cost to you, an adult with at least a credit score of 650 or greater is required to process your contract.
You must have a 650 score to qualify. Please check the box if you do!
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